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Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Magical!

I seee quite numbers of people coming here to my blog clicking about the marching band thing. oh well.
I wasn't prepare at all for this. I was promoting the event. In a way. Very briefly promoting. But I see the number increasing after the event. I'm sorry if you come here to click on some pictures or scores. Unfortunately my blog has none of those. 

Though still you can go to voteband.net for all the gallery pictures and scores and even videos! Here is just my ordinary blog filled w words. Sorry can't help you much with that. :) But still thank you to some who came and read my blog. Sooo here today. I feel like blogging! 

I'm magical ! :D thats right I'm magical. I am apart of Pottermore since last night! yeeepee! I was clicking just to try my luck and thank god. I managed to pass through! I was jumping and jumping! I don't know about the previous days. But last night. The question went on asking about Grimauld's Place address and multiply it by 21. I did it! Gave the answer and searched for the magical quill at the top of the scholastic ad banner. click the magical quill and I was in ! :D I am apart of the 1 mil people who will be seeing Pottermore before october! Do you know how much that means to me ? SUPER DUPER AWES0MELISTICFRAGIALIASPAD0CI0US!  i know I spell that wrongly but yeah. You get me. When I saw my name at the book it felt like I was accepted to Hogwarts :3 oh boy. I feel so happy!
okay am not gonna blog long. I might bored you to death. But hey mates! If you ever need help with pottermore, there is a blog for it http://insider.pottermore.com/. and twitter of http://twitter.com/#!/POTTERMORE

Have fun being magical!

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