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Sunday, July 17, 2011

When the bands come marching in

Hye guys! I'm currently working with an event called

World Championship Marching Show Band 2011.
24th July till 31st July

For short its called WCMSB 11'. Hence the reason why I kept on tagging the page again and again on Facebook and Twitter.
So what is that all about?
It's a major event for Malaysia as we are going to host the Championship for the very 1st time. WCMSB is a very famous championship for all marching show band lovers. It is under the World Association of Marching Show Bands (WAMSB). All this while it's being held under various country all over the world. So this year, we're proud to announce that Malaysia is the winning host for this year's championship.
Numbers of bands from other countries are coming. I cant name em yet. Wont' be a surprise would it? ;)
They are fighting for the championship title. So guys! Really. Come for the event!
So come 1 come all! It's a beautiful view for the eyes, amazing sound for the ears and astounding performance for the soul.

Here are the list for the date and venue of the events!

25 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Opening Ceremony/ Street Parade
8.30pm, Jln Bukit Bintang
26 July
Welcome Dinner
27 July
Preliminary Round I -
8.00pm, Stadium Bolasepak  KL
28 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Preliminary Round II -
8.00pm,Stadium Bolasepak KL
29 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Drum Battle - Pavilion
National Schools Championship
8.00pm,Stadium Bolasepak KL
30 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Grand Final - 8.00pm, Stadium Bolasepak KL

​To be apart of the events held at the Stadium Bolasepak KL. You can get a hold of the free passes by buying the WCMSB merchandise! You can get it at the promo event this weekend at Bukit Bintang (nearby Maybank) or even at the stadium before you enter! But hurry get the passes now! :) For street parade and drumbattle, you can just come with your cameras, anticipation, family and friends! So come 1 come all!


Anonymous said...

why do they never announce the performing bands?? is it bcoz of the bands competing are not as many as the expected number?? or any other reason?? can somebody tell me???

Shutterkid said...

that i am not sure myself.
cause I am only a liasion officer.
the decision to announce the band names are up to the management.
Even I wonder the same thing.
we (the liaison officers) also got to know the bands participating at the last week before the event.