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Monday, July 4, 2011

July Arrived

two more days till Singapore trip! :/
I am soooooooo excited. But am scared. most of the time
1st trip alone without parents. and no not totally alone but with  my schoolmate aneth! EEK am excited :D
So yes people I'll be away for 3 days. Mom is being super nice to me to go singgah everywhere and shop.
I don't mind shopping but I don't think I will shop clothes. But more like food shop! :D
Yes Singapore tengah ada Great Singapore Sale. It's really a sale you know. Thats it.
I shall take my wallet away from any clothes shop
oh 1 more thing. HELL0 JULY! i pray for many happiness. amin :)

p/s: Hye smiles; Will you come with me?

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