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Thursday, June 2, 2011

This prayer is for you

" tapi dengan dia its so hard to tell.  and am scared if i open up to him. i can make him go away or distance himself from me. plus. dari tadi saya tahan masalah nie. 2/3 of my friends try nak calm me down tapi i didnt tell anything. smpai kat dia. am crying telling him but he doesnt knw that "

He doesn't know that. 
He doesn't. 
But thats the truth.
My kakak told me it was okay to open up this sight. It was never wrong.
But my guts told me to trust him more than my closed heart. and I did a right move.
He was very very supportive and positive.
I am blessed to have a support coming from him.
Whatever happens. If there's nothing in the future on the other side of the road.
Know that I will always feel blessed to have you by my side right now.
As a great friend, best friend, close friend, awesome friend, my prettiest friend.
In the present time. we're friend. In the future. If its real. Then I'm blessed :)
But whatever it is. I will always pray to God of all the great things you've done. Yes I am so grateful.
This grateful.
Believed me I sleep tonight with a smile. You gave me an ending to my momentarily escapism with a happy ending returning back home tomorrow. Thank you so so much.
I think God gave the inspiration and guts to say hello. :) and am blessed. thank you Allah.

p/s: Nothing can repay the great things you have done. so here i wish you blessed happiness and love every day of your life :) amin

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