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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this back

I am back ! for now.
its the last 2 weeks of short semester! its ending soon.
funny thing is this time around short semester is going by as fast as it can.
i think cause am enjoying my classes maybe. :)
i am having fun with my american literature and 20th century literature.
yes yes. i am taking two subjects of literature. so far alhamdullilah.
its not as bad as i imagine it to be.
so for am lit. there is a staging so wait for it :)
while 20th century. exhibition to come. lol.
i hope everything goes well.
oh yes.
i saw someone the other day.
seeing him after months was like.
sweet :)
alright very much that. am anticipating July.
insya allah it will be fun. amin
have a bless week and month everyone!

p/s: your face made me smile all the way all the way

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