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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Short semester is waving bye bye

Exam is next week !
27th June 2011 : Tilawah I
28th June 2011 : American Literature 
2nd July 2011 : 20th Century Literature
Good luck i wish to all my classmates :D We can do it!
So that marks the end of all the classes for this short semester. Sadly, I don't feel lik ending it. Short semester yes, look hectic, feels like it, but really am enjoying it! Full blast of concerntration of this two subject made me understand the subjects better :) and alhamdullilah all of the assignments with the groups went well. I made new friends, new experience, learn new knowledge and discover more talents :) 
 Syukur I shall say because this memories I have during the short semester don't come often. and surprisingly I did not sleep at class! Well except in American Literature. Am sorry Kak Mei! but u understand kan :/ Petang i tried my best! lol but then again. It was superb! I love it. Though I cant lie, there are difficulties here and there throughout the completion of the assignment. But I love it. Cause in the end, the results that we see among us was more than enough for new memories, experiences and friendship built :) 

 20th century Lit :

our assignment was to do a booth/exhibition on various topics. our group received the task of doing the Timeline for the 20th century booth. So there we are. All dressed up in various costumes. Ranging from Edwardian era, World War I & II, Modernism and Post Modernism. I was dressed up as the retired WWI soldier with a shell shock and yes. British accent was my medium of accent that day. I sound so proud and *erm bitchy i guess* lol! but i was happy cause thats the day people just dont mind I talk with an accent cause I am a british soldier! lol.There were difficulties here and there but my group was awesomely creative and supportive that in the end we saw what we did we're proud :) Alhamdullilah.

American Literature: 
our assignment was to do an adaptation of the three American famous short stories by Washington Irving, either Sleepy Hollow , Rip Van Winkle or Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. To adapt either one of this into a malay culture story. With the same storyline but a different setting. We choose Rip Van Winkle old setting. and we were scratching our heads thinking for days! of how to make this work. Alhamdullilah my group is very very sporting and supportive! I love em to bits :) They were the mastermind behind the ideas and we work our best to show that within a short duration of time we will make it work with a staging. :) And alhamdullilah the result of it, with 1 week of practice was a big big relief and smiles! :D We even bonded closer and miss practice after the staging day ended. 

Well I think enough words for now. Lets put in pictures ! I bet u can picture my happiness already :) I had fun and it was seriously a great experience! Well good luck for the finals people! and have a long long 2 months holiday! 

p/s: am still thinking whether to upload the staging recording or not. hmmm what say u?

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