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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The hottest green

Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of *GASP* haih.
I watched Green Lantern just now with my friends.  
(Fine. I have exam on Saturday but I need to celebrate freedom after American Literature's exam)
Supposed to watch Transformers. Unfortunately FULL/Sold out. Well my fault.
But so we went for Green Lantern. It was okay.
Honestly, plot wise. It's dull. I was expecting more cause well. It's the Green Lantern.
But the story is well. just that? Luckily the humour made by Ryan Reynolds is there
(no am not being bias but yeah he made jokes that made the story fun to watch)

So honestly if you're not a fan of Ryan Reynolds and you're expecting to be amazed. Well don't.
If you're a fan of Reynolds. THEN THIS IS A YES.
He's just effing gorgeous in that movie.
oh well typical me as a girl lol!
So my rating?
3/5. Sorry :( I hoped more from the plot.
Reynolds rating?
4.5/5 TEE HEE
HYE Reynolds. Hug me lah! :3 NYEHEHEHE. oh goodness the abs *faints*

p/s: hey boy. he reminds me of you. :)

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