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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The hottest green

Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of *GASP* haih.
I watched Green Lantern just now with my friends.  
(Fine. I have exam on Saturday but I need to celebrate freedom after American Literature's exam)
Supposed to watch Transformers. Unfortunately FULL/Sold out. Well my fault.
But so we went for Green Lantern. It was okay.
Honestly, plot wise. It's dull. I was expecting more cause well. It's the Green Lantern.
But the story is well. just that? Luckily the humour made by Ryan Reynolds is there
(no am not being bias but yeah he made jokes that made the story fun to watch)

So honestly if you're not a fan of Ryan Reynolds and you're expecting to be amazed. Well don't.
If you're a fan of Reynolds. THEN THIS IS A YES.
He's just effing gorgeous in that movie.
oh well typical me as a girl lol!
So my rating?
3/5. Sorry :( I hoped more from the plot.
Reynolds rating?
4.5/5 TEE HEE
HYE Reynolds. Hug me lah! :3 NYEHEHEHE. oh goodness the abs *faints*

p/s: hey boy. he reminds me of you. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make steps further

I decided to run away.
No. Won't be that far away. I can't go far.
But I guess am to close to everyone around me.
Some distance won't bring harm right ? :)
Now am saying hello to my blog more.
Words are needed here. It's unlimited.
So here it goes.

p/s: Will you be there?

Monday, June 27, 2011

hye there

sometimes i think i day dream alot but hey cant blame me.
am a girl. we day dream a lot :)
i'm suppose to be studying but i cant. my concerntration is nowhere near me when am at home.
oh well.
lets do countdown shall we !

Singapore trip with Aneth : 9 more days to go!
WCMSB 2011 :  26 more days to go!

What the fish am I talking about? Well lets wait for the next post shall we? :D
I will be on hiatus till after tuesday :) SEE ya !

p/s: and all I ever day dream about is you. do u know that?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Short semester is waving bye bye

Exam is next week !
27th June 2011 : Tilawah I
28th June 2011 : American Literature 
2nd July 2011 : 20th Century Literature
Good luck i wish to all my classmates :D We can do it!
So that marks the end of all the classes for this short semester. Sadly, I don't feel lik ending it. Short semester yes, look hectic, feels like it, but really am enjoying it! Full blast of concerntration of this two subject made me understand the subjects better :) and alhamdullilah all of the assignments with the groups went well. I made new friends, new experience, learn new knowledge and discover more talents :) 
 Syukur I shall say because this memories I have during the short semester don't come often. and surprisingly I did not sleep at class! Well except in American Literature. Am sorry Kak Mei! but u understand kan :/ Petang i tried my best! lol but then again. It was superb! I love it. Though I cant lie, there are difficulties here and there throughout the completion of the assignment. But I love it. Cause in the end, the results that we see among us was more than enough for new memories, experiences and friendship built :) 

 20th century Lit :

our assignment was to do a booth/exhibition on various topics. our group received the task of doing the Timeline for the 20th century booth. So there we are. All dressed up in various costumes. Ranging from Edwardian era, World War I & II, Modernism and Post Modernism. I was dressed up as the retired WWI soldier with a shell shock and yes. British accent was my medium of accent that day. I sound so proud and *erm bitchy i guess* lol! but i was happy cause thats the day people just dont mind I talk with an accent cause I am a british soldier! lol.There were difficulties here and there but my group was awesomely creative and supportive that in the end we saw what we did we're proud :) Alhamdullilah.

American Literature: 
our assignment was to do an adaptation of the three American famous short stories by Washington Irving, either Sleepy Hollow , Rip Van Winkle or Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. To adapt either one of this into a malay culture story. With the same storyline but a different setting. We choose Rip Van Winkle old setting. and we were scratching our heads thinking for days! of how to make this work. Alhamdullilah my group is very very sporting and supportive! I love em to bits :) They were the mastermind behind the ideas and we work our best to show that within a short duration of time we will make it work with a staging. :) And alhamdullilah the result of it, with 1 week of practice was a big big relief and smiles! :D We even bonded closer and miss practice after the staging day ended. 

Well I think enough words for now. Lets put in pictures ! I bet u can picture my happiness already :) I had fun and it was seriously a great experience! Well good luck for the finals people! and have a long long 2 months holiday! 

p/s: am still thinking whether to upload the staging recording or not. hmmm what say u?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kami mendaki gunung

Remember I told you guys how hectic my schedule is ? Due to subjects for short semester?
well see these smiles ? :D
it was all worth it :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this back

I am back ! for now.
its the last 2 weeks of short semester! its ending soon.
funny thing is this time around short semester is going by as fast as it can.
i think cause am enjoying my classes maybe. :)
i am having fun with my american literature and 20th century literature.
yes yes. i am taking two subjects of literature. so far alhamdullilah.
its not as bad as i imagine it to be.
so for am lit. there is a staging so wait for it :)
while 20th century. exhibition to come. lol.
i hope everything goes well.
oh yes.
i saw someone the other day.
seeing him after months was like.
sweet :)
alright very much that. am anticipating July.
insya allah it will be fun. amin
have a bless week and month everyone!

p/s: your face made me smile all the way all the way

Friday, June 10, 2011

You throw then you keep

Just when you push me out. You decided to pull me back in.
Suddenly I don't mind being in the rain.
it feels good that way.
you change your mind like a girl change her clothes
and you blame your feelings for that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kisah tak sempurna

Malam ini aku cuba untuk berdiri.
berlari dan berlari jauh.
bila aku igt aku mampu.
aku terjatuh.
terjatuh dlm perjalanan ku.
aku menipu diri sendiri.
menipu hati aku.
menipu fikirian aku
bila ku terlihat kau. aku terdiam
tak mengapa.
tak mengapa.
tapi maafkan aku.
aku manusia.
manusia ini lemah.
sama juga aku
sudah lama aku bersedia.
pasti akan ada hati yg terluka
salah satu antara kita.
dan hati itu hati aku.
tak mengapa.
aku terima.
kerana aku masih manusia.
maafkan aku
kita berlari ke arah berlainan kini.
tapi itulah hakikatnya.
aku mengharapkan terbaik buatmu.
dan kini aku pula ingin berlari jauh.

p/s: bila aku igt aku bersedia. sbnarnya tidak. walaupun sudah lama aku tahu. mmg hati aku akan terluka.
maafkan aku. kisah kita tak akan sempurna. walaupun 5 tahun yg dulu mungkin pasti. tapi kini tidak akan sempurna.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This prayer is for you

" tapi dengan dia its so hard to tell.  and am scared if i open up to him. i can make him go away or distance himself from me. plus. dari tadi saya tahan masalah nie. 2/3 of my friends try nak calm me down tapi i didnt tell anything. smpai kat dia. am crying telling him but he doesnt knw that "

He doesn't know that. 
He doesn't. 
But thats the truth.
My kakak told me it was okay to open up this sight. It was never wrong.
But my guts told me to trust him more than my closed heart. and I did a right move.
He was very very supportive and positive.
I am blessed to have a support coming from him.
Whatever happens. If there's nothing in the future on the other side of the road.
Know that I will always feel blessed to have you by my side right now.
As a great friend, best friend, close friend, awesome friend, my prettiest friend.
In the present time. we're friend. In the future. If its real. Then I'm blessed :)
But whatever it is. I will always pray to God of all the great things you've done. Yes I am so grateful.
This grateful.
Believed me I sleep tonight with a smile. You gave me an ending to my momentarily escapism with a happy ending returning back home tomorrow. Thank you so so much.
I think God gave the inspiration and guts to say hello. :) and am blessed. thank you Allah.

p/s: Nothing can repay the great things you have done. so here i wish you blessed happiness and love every day of your life :) amin