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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunny rainy may

Hello everyone !

how is everyone ? :) I've been absent due to the fact that I am a lil busy and out of ideas to blog. Unless you guys wanna hear me blog about the 20th century and american literature :p Well I don't mind sharing it. But I need to have that vibe first. Anyways, I am currently, busy going through my short semester till end of June. So it's 20th century literature and american literature. Yikes. They say. But it's fun :) I love it. Guess you need to feel the passion then you can understand how I feel t
Then in July :D am off to Singapore with my very very good mate :) can't wait. Insya allah everything will go as plan.

For now, I wish you a bless day ahead and have a wonderful day :)

p.s: My condolences goes out to the guardians of the orphanage in Ulu Langat which the children became the victims of the landslides. May the children be blessed by Allah and my prayers goes out to them. Al-Fatihah.

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