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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The England's Rose

I grew up having the late Lady Diana coloured my television life. 
She was everywhere back then when I was small. 
As far as I remembered there was not a moment that I did not forget her. My family loved every single thing about her. We adore her big heart and her beauty. My aunt is a big fan. My grandfather and grandmother adore her and somehow wished she came to Malaysia. In that moment of growing up. I loved every single thing about her. I was imitating her smile, her laughter and dreamed of getting married with either Prince William or Prince Harry. Funny how you are small and you can imagine that far. :)

Nevertheless, she did inspired me, from the day I learn about the Princess of Wales and even till now. 
She touched my heart. I was apart of the witness along with billions of people around the world when the tragedy happened in 1997. Eventhough I was 7. I remembered it was early in the morning, I woke up seeing my family in front of the television where the news announced the tragedy. I watched the funeral. 
I cried. All of us cried. I cried cause I did not have the chance to see her up front. Rumour has it, at that time, Princess Diana was going to make a tour/visit to Malaysia. I was excited. God knows if my aunt was kidding, but I believed her. I want to meet her badly. She was my favourite princess in reality.
But I guess God loves her more. Her candle burn out long before. 

Today, Prince William married to his true love, Her Royal Highness, Catherine Middleton. He remembered his mother's advice that is  ' To hold on to a person you always loved and to never let go' It touched my heart how he took his mother's advice and the ceremony every part of it, made done as if Lady Diana was alive. Kate herself is so sweet knowing how William's mother was a major influence in his life, that she did everything in remembrance of her late mother-in-law. Blessed this couple so that they may live always in love :)

It was a beautiful wedding. A royal wedding. I am proud being able to witness this. :) For all I know I wish Lady Diana is still alive and is present on that empty chair that was reserved for her in the Westminster Abbey. 

 May their love lasts forever and forever happily ever after :)

RIP Lady Diana aka Princess Diana of Wales. The queen of our hearts.

p/s: The candle in the wind. Goodbye England's rose. Your candle burned out long before. 

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