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Friday, April 29, 2011

this is how we feel

I kept questioning the things that are not suppose to be questioned.
The matters at which I felt that is unnecessary.
Matter which I can never predict the real thing and how accurate it will be in the future.
When I'm busy thinking about that, actually, turns out I forgot to appreciate the real thing in life
the things that I have now.
I'm too scared to hold on to right now because of me being afraid to get hurt again in the future.
I am avoiding the feeling of getting hurt, but really, by avoiding its making things hard for my heart.
I realize that I should appreciate what is going on now.

so here i am on behalf of 
the ones who feel lonely at night
the ones that cried silence tears
the ones that is keeping their heart away from pain
the ones that is holding on to not feel weak

here i am to tell you.
life is telling us to stand with em. if we fall, we won't fall alone.
but once we stand we stand strong
thats a promise life tells us to be

p/s: life has a reason for this and keep believing

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