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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That smile was made by

This video was found by Jason Mraz.
He sang this song but he did not made this video. So here. Is the song he made in the year 2004 for his prettiest friend, which is now his fiancee. :) I read his blog post titled Prettiest Friend. and I was stunned. because I didn't know that his story was pretty much the same as mine. I guess everyone has very much similar love story no matter who you are. It's sweet. But I almost feel like crying hearing to this. Sometimes I wish my prettiest friend hear this and know that this might be for him. Whoever it is. I think I have that feeling he knows this is for him. 
Prettiest friend, indeed you are. My prettiest friend. I may not be apart of your story but I am happy that I'm you're friend. Whatever happens. If fate said there is something, then it will be.

Like Mraz said so 'After all, the way it unfolds, is yet to be told'.

p/s: thank you for remembering me. throughout everything when I thought you didn't remember me, but you did. you know that smile you saw was made by you

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