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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is never perfect

I have a problem.
No actually. Every one does.
Some people who went through something in their lives. A matter that is too hard for them that might have hurt them. They wouldn't want to face it again afterwards.
For example, getting heartbroken from first love, they get scared to fall in love and lose trust in it after that happened.
Me, on the other hand. Don't know the meaning of giving up.
I fall, fell, hurt, broken because of love, losing loved ones, backstabber stories, losing best friends, befriends the enemies. But I never stop myself frm doing all of those eventhough things like this, do hurt me later on.
But I stand up later on.
Because life, NEEDS to try everything. You need to feel broken so the next time you will be stronger. If avoid everything, then, whats the use?
There is no such thing as sweet life and perfect life, all the way till you die.
I don't believe in that. The bitter things is what makes you live life worthily and appreciate things better.
So don't be scared of everything. You'll lose everything.
Another one thing.
Never deny or run away from your problems. It wont work. You will be miserable. Just take the feel and go. Don't dwell in it. Denying it won't work.
Same goes for running away. Please.
Every one has fears. That doesn't mean. Running away all the time.
and don't be stubborn saying you are okay all the time.
when you're not.
Every one will have ups and down.
So thats why there is a phrase called 'Live life to the fullest'
take everything, the negative and positives, and smile in the end.

p.s: this is a shout out to all the people who think they are going through the rough alone. fear not, you are not alone

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