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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Words never lie. People do

I've been on hiatus because I dont know why. I guess no ideas yet have come to my mind.
I don't bother to blog about my life, because thats like revealing to the world how I am.
I am not an artist. Nobody bothers about it.
If I were to blog about places, restaurants, or give reviews about anything.
Like some would even read it or take note of it.
My blog functions as a place to inspire people.
Maybe yes, maybe no. It might inspire some it might not even touch anyone
but who cares. still. I manage to blog for a reason i believe in.
I can't do this in tumblr. cause mainly ppl find stuff to reblog in pictures not in words.
Nevertheless, my thank you goes out to the readers whom are with me.
To the ones whom has been reading every post that came from me all this years :) From the old blog till the new one
Gracie. Merci. Thank you and my gratitude goes out to each and every one of you.

p/s: I will continue to let words tell the truth

Friday, April 29, 2011

this is how we feel

I kept questioning the things that are not suppose to be questioned.
The matters at which I felt that is unnecessary.
Matter which I can never predict the real thing and how accurate it will be in the future.
When I'm busy thinking about that, actually, turns out I forgot to appreciate the real thing in life
the things that I have now.
I'm too scared to hold on to right now because of me being afraid to get hurt again in the future.
I am avoiding the feeling of getting hurt, but really, by avoiding its making things hard for my heart.
I realize that I should appreciate what is going on now.

so here i am on behalf of 
the ones who feel lonely at night
the ones that cried silence tears
the ones that is keeping their heart away from pain
the ones that is holding on to not feel weak

here i am to tell you.
life is telling us to stand with em. if we fall, we won't fall alone.
but once we stand we stand strong
thats a promise life tells us to be

p/s: life has a reason for this and keep believing

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on hols

I am bored at home
I will start find for something to do during the holidays and short semester.
Boredom strikes. Haiya

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Nadira

Bieber's concert post can wait.
But this can't :)

Dear Nadira Aqilah
Today is your day. :)
I am sucky at birthday gifts and wishes. Honestly I do. Because I am a failure at making you go wow at first glance. But my gift to you will always be this friendship. My gift to you will always be my ears to lend and hear. Anything just to see you smile. It may sound cheesy I know but I don't really know how to express it up front. But when you know you know. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Therefore, your birthday means a lot to me. You're a great girl :) Never ever stop being yourself. You are like Haley on the outside but a Bieber in the inside :) hahaha I dunno how it is but yeah.I will wish you many blessed days and years of your life. Have a great day Nadira. You will always be my favourite girl. And I don't even care if this sounds lesbian enough because 


Happy 20th Birthday Nadira! :D
p/s: the life is just starting ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That smile was made by

This video was found by Jason Mraz.
He sang this song but he did not made this video. So here. Is the song he made in the year 2004 for his prettiest friend, which is now his fiancee. :) I read his blog post titled Prettiest Friend. and I was stunned. because I didn't know that his story was pretty much the same as mine. I guess everyone has very much similar love story no matter who you are. It's sweet. But I almost feel like crying hearing to this. Sometimes I wish my prettiest friend hear this and know that this might be for him. Whoever it is. I think I have that feeling he knows this is for him. 
Prettiest friend, indeed you are. My prettiest friend. I may not be apart of your story but I am happy that I'm you're friend. Whatever happens. If fate said there is something, then it will be.

Like Mraz said so 'After all, the way it unfolds, is yet to be told'.

p/s: thank you for remembering me. throughout everything when I thought you didn't remember me, but you did. you know that smile you saw was made by you

Monday, April 18, 2011

They grow up

Brothers grow up :)
Well everyone grows up. Eventually they will have to. It's apart of human nature. Nobody grows backward like Benjamin Button. That is just. Weird? Any way. It's my brother's birthday today. The first one. He's 16 now. Omg kids, they grow up so fast! :( I love him so much. That last night I look at him, I wish he would just stay small. Watch cartoons and just be so annoying. But I can't. So I wish him Happy Birthday Aizat. Your sister loves you so much! :) Take care. And I know right now you are working hard to get close to your ambition. Stay there, be strong and insya allah, I will pray for it :) 

Maany love from your sister,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guten tag!

I realized in my Stats tab in blogger that I have readers from Malaysia and next comes Germany. Wow. Germany? :) Hello! Guten tag to u ! :) If there are Germany readers please do say hello ? I really wanna knw u guys leave a comment maybe? But if Blogger decides to play a trick with me then, HA-HA. its not funny.

Change turns

Kenapa post emo?
Ish I don't like where this is going. Shall blog asap

Friday, April 15, 2011

kita di sini

Kita di mana?
Kenapa bila aku melihat kau, hati ku kaku.
Hati ku gelisah
Hati ku berdegup
Tapi kemudian
air mata mula menjadi teman
teman kepada hati yg sentiasa begini
ketika kita bersua
apa yg aku rasa
pasti ini.
kau masih memberi harapan
harapan pada hati yg sentiasa
berdegup buat mu
gelisah buat mu
kaku buat mu
kau satu-satunya kisah yang tidak akan aku noktahkan
kisah kita tiada mula , tiada akhir
kerana selama ini,
aku hanya melihat mu dari jauh
menyayangi mu dari jauh
dan menyampaikan kasih ku melalui tangisan

p/s: aku sanggup lihat kau bahagia dari diriku. wahai pujangga. aku masih masih lagi. menanti

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is never perfect

I have a problem.
No actually. Every one does.
Some people who went through something in their lives. A matter that is too hard for them that might have hurt them. They wouldn't want to face it again afterwards.
For example, getting heartbroken from first love, they get scared to fall in love and lose trust in it after that happened.
Me, on the other hand. Don't know the meaning of giving up.
I fall, fell, hurt, broken because of love, losing loved ones, backstabber stories, losing best friends, befriends the enemies. But I never stop myself frm doing all of those eventhough things like this, do hurt me later on.
But I stand up later on.
Because life, NEEDS to try everything. You need to feel broken so the next time you will be stronger. If avoid everything, then, whats the use?
There is no such thing as sweet life and perfect life, all the way till you die.
I don't believe in that. The bitter things is what makes you live life worthily and appreciate things better.
So don't be scared of everything. You'll lose everything.
Another one thing.
Never deny or run away from your problems. It wont work. You will be miserable. Just take the feel and go. Don't dwell in it. Denying it won't work.
Same goes for running away. Please.
Every one has fears. That doesn't mean. Running away all the time.
and don't be stubborn saying you are okay all the time.
when you're not.
Every one will have ups and down.
So thats why there is a phrase called 'Live life to the fullest'
take everything, the negative and positives, and smile in the end.

p.s: this is a shout out to all the people who think they are going through the rough alone. fear not, you are not alone


Now now.
My blog is full of cobewebs. Not yet but better update now than later :D
I have no topic to blog. Why not comment and give me any topic :)
I'll blog out my opinion :) Cheers!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

just 1 more

Okay its exam week people !
Leemeee seee what paper do I have to face

April 2nd : Islamic Aqidah

April 4th : Introduction to History and Civilization
April 5th : Intermediate Quranic
April 7th : Islamic Ethics
April 8th : Literary Genres III : Novels and Short Story

April 14th : Introduction to Sociolinguistics

OOOHHH so 1 more left? well well. can I like make it feel as if there is no more paper left? hew hew hew.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cracking up

Finals are coming right up.

April 2nd : Islamic Aqidah
April 4th : Introduction to History and Civilization
April 5th : Intermediate Quranic
April 7th : Islamic Ethics
April 8th : Literary Genres III : Novels and Short Story
April 14th : Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Please save me from all the bad dreams and may I survive with flying colours. Thank you :D and Amin.
Good luck i wish to all the IIUM students on the final exams :)