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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things exist

Dude. You're not close to being popular nor artist.
Please don't be so rude.
I know you are never rude.
And whatever in the past tu stay la kan?
Just don't treat aku macam trash.
I said hello and be normal.
Tapi cara kau.
Macam haram la plak kan?
It's been almost 2 years.
Why the cold treatment?
Aku smpai skang nak settle the one thing that bothers my mind and my life and my number
Please. Just don't be rude. At least nicely respond to me.
Sorry I'm busy.
Or at least have the courtesy to say I text you when. Or whatever.
Aku plak tanye cm aku yang terkejar2.
Sedangkan. Ada hal yg tak settle smpai skang. Aish.
Please. You are a nice guy. Don't make do as if kau artist. As if. No ur not.
It's a friend asking for a help.
Is that so hard?

p/s: U know who you are.

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