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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The story and it is his Story

If you are searching for a book to read during your holidays.
I suggest you this book, words solely comes from Tun Dr Mahathir himself, of his views, his experiences, his criticisms, his life and all in this book.
If you do care about how Malaysia came to be, or you love to read about country developments, and so forth. Please this book is the one that you MUST have.
BUT if you are the type that loves chick flick or romance movie. Don't bother to read this post la.

I was restless as I see everywhere, in papers yesterday that Tun was autographing the book selled out to the readers who were at Mid Valley Megamall. I'm jealous of course! I love Tun! adore his ways of administrating the country from a ' Where is Malaysia? ' to ' Oh Malaysia! the PetronasTwin Towers right?' and from 'Malaysia got car ahhh?' to ' WAAHH. look look! there is a Proton Car used in Mr Bean's series"

Thats what he have done for Malaysia. and loads more. If you don't believe it. Well if its not because of him, I don't think we'll be having fast connection of internet everywhere. :)
So I hereby say. I am in love with the book :D annnnnndd!! I am in love with the cover page!! SOOOO remind me of my late grandfather :( Tun if you're reading this. You looookk soo like my grandfather. (yes macam Tun baca blog saya) :p

p/s: Malam nie YB Dato Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir bagi talk di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia di Gombak bertajuk 'Meritokrasi dan Kuota : Ke Mana Melayu?' bersama dua lagi speaker, Tan Sri Dato Dr Khoo Kay Kim dan YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad. :) Marilah! tak sabar nak pegi.


petite said...

hahaa, ko nih. mmg la kempunan mau that book ye? xpe2, bla da dpt nnt, u can read it until u satisfied. hehe.

Farahz said...

ehem, 'fast connection of internet everywhere'? I beg to differ. hahaha never knew you're a big mahathir fan. hmm.. interesting.

Shutterkid said...

petite: hahaha yes! thank you to my friend for that dream come true! alhamdullilah.

farahz: hahaha i am a big fan. tapi tak penah voice out kot. I love him his ways and his thinking :)