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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here are somee

Hye there everyone! it's weekend! :D
Oh god am supercalifragilisticaspialidocious excited! Why you asked?

1) I'm back home after almost a month not going back due to hectic timetable at my uni

2) I am free of assignments and presentations! except for one more presentation for islamic aqidah, and two term paper which insya allah by the next two weeks will be settled.

3) I'll be spending my turning time of the age, with my friends and family and blessed God, alhamdullilah, i feel grateful :)

4) Let me tell you something, 6th of March this sunday, it's my birthday. yes birthday saya yang ke 21. sila cari hadiah. in english it means, please find me a present. it's my big big year :D HAHA kiddding

5) In life we have to learn to forgive, forget and receive whatever we get. either challenges or anything at all. WE learn alot from that. never look at the negative side. always there will be, always a positive side to it.

Okay till here. I had the idea of what to blog but I forgot tee hee!


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