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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things exist

Dude. You're not close to being popular nor artist.
Please don't be so rude.
I know you are never rude.
And whatever in the past tu stay la kan?
Just don't treat aku macam trash.
I said hello and be normal.
Tapi cara kau.
Macam haram la plak kan?
It's been almost 2 years.
Why the cold treatment?
Aku smpai skang nak settle the one thing that bothers my mind and my life and my number
Please. Just don't be rude. At least nicely respond to me.
Sorry I'm busy.
Or at least have the courtesy to say I text you when. Or whatever.
Aku plak tanye cm aku yang terkejar2.
Sedangkan. Ada hal yg tak settle smpai skang. Aish.
Please. You are a nice guy. Don't make do as if kau artist. As if. No ur not.
It's a friend asking for a help.
Is that so hard?

p/s: U know who you are.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011! Switch off your lights!

It's the time of the year!
It's Earth Hour!
at 8.30pm, 26th of March 2011, where ever you are.
Show your support by switching off the lights for an hour.
Let's save the world, spread the awareness
for a better future and a beautiful environment.
We need this, The people need this, Our children needs this, the future generation needs this :)
So switch off your lights and spread the word!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hidup ini mula puitis kadang kadang

Bukak dashboard blog. Terlihat dua comment. Salah satunya dari Kak Fynn Jamal. Oh terharu hidup ini bila lihat comment beliau di salah satu blog post aku. Oh terharu habis smpai terjerit dlm compartment bilik. Ya hebatnya impak maksima dia. Kepada Kak Fynn terima kasih diucapkan atas kata kata penuh inspirasi kak fynn :) 

Walaupun kisah si pujangga itu sudah tamat. tapi tiada noktah terletak. siapa tahu kalau2 itu jodoh. bertemu semula? Mungkin di hadapan jalan kita bertemu semula? Siapa tahu? Hari tu tertekan balik notes di facebook. Terlihat satu puisi buatan diri sendiri. Tengok tarikh, reaksi terus, oh masa ni. Masa aku anggap dia warna hidup ku. Masa yg aku lihat dia sebagai si pencuri hati. Masa aku kisah apa dia rasa, baik gembira, sedih dan suka. Sekarang? Tipu kalau cakap tak sedih. Tipu. Tipu. Tengok sendiri, cakap pasal dia ja. Ayat tak nak jiwang pulak kan? Masih ada perasaan. Masih. Cuma tak mampu nak fikir jauh sudah. Tapi bak kata kak fynn. Kalau dia jodoh, bertemu semula. Wahai si pujangga. Mungkin expressiku kurang dilihat kini, tapi bila aku lihat nama kau muncul. Aku tahu. Masih hadir perasaan itu. Cuma aku tidak mengharapkan apa-apa. Aku bilang perasaan itu mungkin tertanam di dalam lubuk. Dalam sekali. Ada. Tidak hilang. Tapi cuma tertanam. Mungkin akan berbunga satu hari nanti? Mungkin?

Jadik akhirnya blog ini dengan puisi yg aku buat dulu untuk si pujangga. ternampak nie. Oh hati tak nak tersebak sebentar. tapi apa daya. Eh kamu. Si pujangga. Kau aku masih letak di atas sekali. Di atas. Setiap yang datang, aku lihatkan mereka pada kau. Tiada satu pun sehingga sekarang, yg mampu smpai ke atas situ. Kau agak2 kau boleh turun tak? Supaya beri laluan yg lain. Atau kau sendiri datang mengisinya semula ? :(

Puisi Buatmu - 25 jan 2010-

aku cuba 
untuk menahannya
aku cuba
untuk mengatasinya
tetapi sukar
tatkala aku 
melihat dirimu
gembira tersenyum bahagia
pedih sakit diriku
merasakan perasaan 
terpendam ini sendirian
siapa aku
untuk membuat kau
melihat diriku 
sebagaimana aku
melihat dirimu
dari mataku

Aku hanya mampu
mendengar rintihan hatimu
tatkala rintihan hatiku
memanggil namamu
aku hanya mampu
berbicara denganmu
tanpa mampu 
membicarakan kisah hatiku
aku hanya mampu 
merenung matamu yang
mengisahkan 1001 cerita 
kasih ikhlas mu
tatkala mataku
mengambarkan kasihku padamu dari
permulaan cerita

aku memendam perasaan kasih ini
kasihku yang ikhlas 
tercipta untukmu
aku setia menunggu
walaupun membunuhku
akan ku simpan 
cinta ini dalam hatiku...

p/s: ikhlas dari hatiku. buatmu


p/s: kak fynn kata. hidup mesti terus kan? so terus lah aku. dan tak leh bla jiwang la plak post nieh. dan kenapa bila kak fynn muncul. kau pun muncul semula ? :( 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hair wave

My hair is so bushy and long and nice! Looks like I went and perm it or something :D :D
ME LAIKE! okay this is something random. I just don't know what to type out :p

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This far

Hi ! people of the world :)

Before I start. Let's remember the people in Japan. The victims and the survivors. Pray for them, remember them, and help them. Dear Japan citizens, please be strong. The world are with you despite what happened we will help in any way we can. #prayforjapan 

How's march so far for you? :)
I had a blessed days. as always alhamdullilah. my march will be filled with so many sweet memories. I barely have the time to blog because of all the things I have to do. For now it's less hectic. I would like to thank all the people that made my sem 2 2010/2011 a very meaningful one :) Yes, my sem is ending soon! 1 week more then off we go to 2 weeks of hols and then short semester! I am thinking of working part time. any heads up do tell me :D So thats pretty much it i will update soon :D

p/s: do remember them in Japan. and always find ways to help em anyway you can.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The story and it is his Story

If you are searching for a book to read during your holidays.
I suggest you this book, words solely comes from Tun Dr Mahathir himself, of his views, his experiences, his criticisms, his life and all in this book.
If you do care about how Malaysia came to be, or you love to read about country developments, and so forth. Please this book is the one that you MUST have.
BUT if you are the type that loves chick flick or romance movie. Don't bother to read this post la.

I was restless as I see everywhere, in papers yesterday that Tun was autographing the book selled out to the readers who were at Mid Valley Megamall. I'm jealous of course! I love Tun! adore his ways of administrating the country from a ' Where is Malaysia? ' to ' Oh Malaysia! the PetronasTwin Towers right?' and from 'Malaysia got car ahhh?' to ' WAAHH. look look! there is a Proton Car used in Mr Bean's series"

Thats what he have done for Malaysia. and loads more. If you don't believe it. Well if its not because of him, I don't think we'll be having fast connection of internet everywhere. :)
So I hereby say. I am in love with the book :D annnnnndd!! I am in love with the cover page!! SOOOO remind me of my late grandfather :( Tun if you're reading this. You looookk soo like my grandfather. (yes macam Tun baca blog saya) :p

p/s: Malam nie YB Dato Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir bagi talk di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia di Gombak bertajuk 'Meritokrasi dan Kuota : Ke Mana Melayu?' bersama dua lagi speaker, Tan Sri Dato Dr Khoo Kay Kim dan YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad. :) Marilah! tak sabar nak pegi.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is the best and will always be

Now tell me. Why would I ask for more when these girls have bring me the best out of it :) 
Fawn, Fatin, Adri and Khaidir, thank you so much for every little and big things for yesterday. I had the best day of my life :) I am more than happy. 
Fatin thank you so much for telling me that it's alright to be me and that it's always cool to be crazy :D 
Fawn, you've been there for me through thick and thin, from your Sharifah Amani looks till you now, from 13 years old till 21 now
you know I love you very much for all the years we celebrated our birthday together :) 
and I love each and every one of my friends for everything. 
I've been blessed with such great friends and family :) alhamdullilah
Allah has blessed me with a life I am more than grateful to live :) 
syukur! alhamdullilah. :)

p/s: My gift will always be them till end :)

This hit it up at the right best place :)

Why? because of all of this ! 

This is super awesome. I was speechless and I literally cried with joy after I came back home :) thank you so much for everything that you guys have done for me :)))

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here are somee

Hye there everyone! it's weekend! :D
Oh god am supercalifragilisticaspialidocious excited! Why you asked?

1) I'm back home after almost a month not going back due to hectic timetable at my uni

2) I am free of assignments and presentations! except for one more presentation for islamic aqidah, and two term paper which insya allah by the next two weeks will be settled.

3) I'll be spending my turning time of the age, with my friends and family and blessed God, alhamdullilah, i feel grateful :)

4) Let me tell you something, 6th of March this sunday, it's my birthday. yes birthday saya yang ke 21. sila cari hadiah. in english it means, please find me a present. it's my big big year :D HAHA kiddding

5) In life we have to learn to forgive, forget and receive whatever we get. either challenges or anything at all. WE learn alot from that. never look at the negative side. always there will be, always a positive side to it.

Okay till here. I had the idea of what to blog but I forgot tee hee!