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Thursday, February 10, 2011

When capital letters meet in between, ridiculous decides to tag along.

"KiTe TaK ReTi lA NaK tYpE peSeN CmNiE,,,,,"

The meaning of the sentence does not matter, though the use of capital letters are questioned.When you saw this on your news feed from certain friends of yours (not your friend, but friend of a friend) or maybe when you go to certain pages that you liked, and you saw these type of comments, you will suddenly stop and look at that comment. No you're not stalking at their content of comments but rather looked 'amazed' at how they type that way, and wonders 

"WHY la this people even bother to type like that?" 

and to some, looking at that kind of comments gives you temporary entertainment seeing how ridiculous it is. 
No one, I repeat no one, will even bother with the content of the comment because it's too unique. Sebab terlalu terpegun, dengan skill mereka yang sebegitu, so ape salahnye, try la sekejap.

I tell you, the moment I try to type that into my twitter/facebook wall. 
Took me 1 minute or more, trying and trying to use it in a fast way, but failed. My hand kept touching the backspace cause suddenly, I feel ridiculous. Seumpama mereka ini menghadirkan diri ke course-course yang khas untuk mereka yang suka bebenor type seperti ini. 

Please. Please. TELL ME. how do you some of you, who does type like this. How did you managed to input this into your life. Especially in communication like text messaging and social networking.
Don't tell me, we didn't learn the proper way to type. 
In English they gave you punctuation rules.
In Bahasa Melayu, the same thing applies. 

For the sake of everyone and communication especially, I recommend you to not do that or implement that. 
It's nowhere near cool. You can lead to miscommunication, as from what I know, when you use capital letters, it's either, that object or word you're describing is a 'kata nama khas' (forgive me I forgot whats it called in English) or if you used capital letters on each letters in a word, you're emphasizing something.
for example : 

Words like Porsche, Samsung, Toshiba, Japan, or Malaysia. Shah. Julia
Yes these are 'kata nama khas' and these are better than : 

Words like: KiTeW, MAkAn, EsOk, BilIk 
these are NOT even a brand or a country or a name. It's just a noun and verbs. that does not need capital letters several times

When you're doing that in between words, (the use of capital letters) people can't tell what you're emphasizing or that you're quite weak in your punctuation knowledge.

Words like : "WHAT?? I will NOT repeat this again"
these are used to emphasize. If you want to capitalized everything, capital these way. these are more more more acceptable than this

"ApE YanG KaU caKaP niE conFUsE lA" 
(sapa yang tak confuse when you're trying to figure out what does the last word mean. please tell me does the last word mean ia? or la? APA BENDA NIE ? -.-)

Please for sake of others and for the sake of language. I don't care bahasa melayu or bahasa inggeris. 
Please just don't do this or influence this on society.
This issue is just the same as the 'EwW' issue by inianwarhadi. (for some of you who knows him, if not click on youtube, that's his channel) 
Language is not meant for you guys to jeopardize, it's a mediaum of communication, when you start to mess around with that, communication seems so difficult lately.
and DON'T EVER tell me this is Manglish.
Manglish is mix of both Bahasa Melayu and English into one sentence, and capital letters of that kind is NEVER apart of the manglish features.
Manglish is our society's unique language based on what sociolinguists see.
so please. Don't make us Malaysians look like a retard. 
So when I say I'm amazed and that people stopped to look at your comments
that does not mean we ADORE you're style/method of typing.
instead we might laugh and wonder how ridiculous that looks like. -.-
So till here. 

'Bahasa jiwa bangsa'
Jika itu cara anda menggambarkan bahasa anda. 
Jiwa anda bukan main kompleks lagi.
Bahasa pun terus tunggang-langgang.
Jadi adakah itu jua jiwa anda? 
Yang pasti itu bukan jiwa bangsa saya!

p.s: this ridiculousity has to stop

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petite said...

yo babe, the kata nama khas in english is proper nouns. dang shaf!!! hahaa, u bole buat lupa kan? yup, i totally agree with you on that one. totally retard. they are just wasting their time typing like that. and it makes us as the reader feels very strained to read it thus, in the end, totally abandoned the text all together. hehe