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Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is something to jiggy with it

Heard of Kenny G before?
George Benson?
Lionel Richie?
Wham or George Michael?
then if you do recognize/familiar with these names, congratulationnnnnns! you are a 80's/90's kid!

Awesome tak zaman dulu. takde yang pelik2 seumpama lady gagak itu. almost all the songs at that era are not as weird as it is now. Heck, we even have a hard time trying to buy the album as there were so many choices of good (wait a min) great singers back then. Oh Oh! plus, time tu, lagu pon takda la pening kepala nak dengar, smpai separuh orang berkata, seangkatan lagu memuja illuminati. Yes. lagu zaman dulu, sexayh sedia adanye tanpa perlu video klip seperti ali di handro. yang membuatkan kita sendiri terbeliakkan biji bola mata, smpaikan nak terkeluar, bukan kerana terangsang, tetapi meluat dan terlalu terkezut. yezah. 

So what's the deal with me talking about this? Nothing much. I just wanna share my recent playlist which i just heard for the past few days. I turned oldies yaw!

So here, I tell you, I am listening to.

George Benson Greates hits

Lionel Richie Greatest hits

Careless Whisper by George Michael

and Kenny G's Greatest Hits

Please if you have the free time, mari la kita mendengar lagu lagu yg oldies dan soulful ini dari dengar lagu yang mengatakan dirinya Wild dan sexay seumpama lagu Miley Cyrus, dan lagu seangkatan dengannye, mahupun lagu Rihanna yang asyik bertanyakan What's My Name, macam dia da kene amnesia kan, al maklumlah dulu da kene hentak kuat sangat. Ops. Sorry rihanna. yeah. Like 21353 other people in this world does not hit you up with that sarcastic jokes. So yeap! Try listen to em. nice change of environment. 
So that is all for now. I have to do my assignments in the first place, but I ended up here. LOL.
I leave you with Mr Kenny G and Brian Mcknight with Careless Whisper.

p/s: when I get my car, don't bother trying to change the songs that I play unless I give the permission so, cause for all I know, my CD collections will all be from 80's or 90's or Lite.fm on the radio.

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