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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kops say we can, so we'll never walk alone!

I am busy starting my hols with works yes.
not assignments
but rather like, future work.
takde la.
I am only updating myself on the hot topic and crazy transfer deadline news of the season!
yes football. of course. apa lagi yg bertransfer.
it's crazy because the world class top player cost less than the dude who just scored 11 goals
of course this story revolves around Liverpool because I am a big fan of the Reds and since I know Liverpool better than other epl clubs.
so Liverpool decides to buy Andy Carroll who scored less than 20 and who is a British man, sum of money of 35million where else, Luis Suarez, a top world cup scorer and who a scored 111 out of 159 appearances during his time in Ajax and yes he is also the captain of the team, cost only 22.7million!
So I want to see Carroll be worth the money the owner spend on him.
Anyway, Suarez and Carroll will be wearing jersey number 7 and 9 respectively on their shirts.
Torres on the other hand decides to join Chelsea who he said 'it is an honour to play in one of the biggest club in europe' which made me snort at that statement. So goodbye Torres, been an honour to have you around.
You served the club well.
For Suarez and Carroll.
Hoorah hoorrah. you have our support
from now on, you'll never walk alone, never walk alone!
Facts of the day : Luis Suarez was the most happiest person to perform medical checkup when he knows that he's doing that for Liverpool. Now THAT is what I call REDS SPIRIT! :) I can sense he comes to Liverpool for the right reasons. HOORAH!

p/s: I wonder how the Kop fans are going to welcome chelsea especially torres on the next upcoming game Liverpool vs Chelsea. which is after the stoke game

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