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Monday, February 21, 2011

Jakarta Jazz Festival 11'

I take that back
I saw Jakarta's Jazz Festival ad at Air Asia.
I stopped and stare and questions. Why does Jakarta's Jazz Festival ALWAYS have awesome lineups?
Malaysia punya takde pon :(
They have George Benson, Santana, and Corrine Bailey Rae! HOW AWESOME is that?
Yes if you're wondering. I am a big fan of Jazz music genre. I LOVE it.
MALAYSIA! start doing one in KL. annnd! call great lineups! asyik sunburst je bosan la :(

p/s: I saw Los Amigos and Killamanjaro. these are the kind of concerts I can drag my mom and dad along with :(


irfani said...

hello from Indonesia :)

come come visit javajazz

Shutterkid said...

hello there :D
thank you for reading my blog and yes i wish i can go :(
ur javajazz is super awesome! every year without fail!
so envy u guys :/
have fun for this year java jazz!

Anonymous said...

how were the Los Amigos and Kilimanjaro performances?

Shutterkid said...

unfortunately i didnt went to the javajazz :(