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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a high fall

Hi guys! 
How's life? 

any hard bits here and there?
no worries! :) it's end of february, if by end of it you're smiling that means it's not that bad after all ;) So I promised to update till you guys got bored of me. But forgive me. I've been occupying myself with works and assignment. 
My advice for the day is never put more burden on yourself when you know you have too much on your hands. 
It's hard when you are too strong then you can't even feel weak for a second. It's like forcing yourself to go more than what you can. It's hard. Believe me. oh and one more thing. never ask to be perfect. always be grateful for what you have and who you are. Being perfect is not that happy or joyful. It's so hard as when you're used to having a perfect life, when one thing goes wrong, You can fall down and break to pieces. And let me tell you, that fall is a high fall. So no, don't wonder how it feels. You would never want to feel how the pain feels like. Okay guys! pretty much thats it. So go have a great day ahead and enjoy the last days of february! treat em well and always love yourself ;)

p/s: always stand up when you fall. dont stay put. 

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