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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's almost a week since I last blog about something.
Well momentarily, I am out of ideas or topic to talk about.
As my brain are eroded with too much knowledge. 
Hence all I can imagine in my head is all the journals, articles and books that I have read. Which I think you wouldn't want to know or read it from here. So hence, I just drop by to say HELLO!
How's february treating ya'all?
My start of february been goood alhamdullilah. 
So nothing much. 
Though I just wish to chant
YNWA! YNWA! we are making way to the top gradually! :) 
We're back! thanks to the Reds and especially King Kenny!
Okay that is pretty much it. Wait for thursday for more topic. 
Eleh. cm ada je orang baca -.-
I just need to get all the assignments done, which is after thursday.
then insya allah I will blog till you guys get sick of me :P

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petite said...

hoi, its thursday n u still haven't posted something new!!! hahaha, nice one. i like ur blog babe. :p