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Thursday, February 3, 2011

WARNING: This means manglish everywhere.

I'm back ya'll! for shizzle my nizzle.
I think I want to stop trying to be elegant. Penat la ya'll.
Me no like that.
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Let's see.
ai nak sepik like how I want ya see?
so ain't nobody gonna tell me what to say here. Cause it's my place ya dig?

Okay dah dah la cukup merepek.
Cita kat sini is that I want to stay as I am before. I blog for my own sake. For my own opinion. If i try to be like some emo shit. you can click the x button and move away to another blog. Because I realized I was trying to blog to impress people, which by all means, it sucks like (insert specific words) so there you go. I penat taw ya'all tahu. I da tak kesaaaah da pon apa ya'all nak cakap pasni. I da tak peduli if ya'all cakap

"Eh come on la, you're a (insert my course here) student, be proper with your english!"
"Please don't make us (insert some english course here) students look like a retard who does not want to speak proper english"

Eh. kalau lu punya pakai cakap ada manglish. tok sah dok mai kat I cakap I should type proper english at my own blog.
and plus. I don't represent anyone la! thats the thing. I do not represent my course in any blogs.
this is me just ranting at my own place. you no dig. you go away la
I pedih telinga dengar taw. bukan i tak taruk caution sign. i did taw.
Tsk tsk typical people.
(the dialogues are just made up dialogues as I made themselves up and never refer it to anyone whether dead or alive :D HEHE )
I mean you can speak manglish. no harm done, just make sure like i said in my old blog.

"There is nothing wrong in trying to insert some manglish in whatever you speak or write (please don't apply this for formal stuff as I will not be the one responsible for that mistake some of you made) as long as it's not obvious that you do not know totally how to speak/spell in english. We are who we are bak kata kesha. We malays who speaks manglish. thats our specialty" -myself

Okay thats the truth. I penat taw nak try cakap proper english. You ingat i baguih sangat ka? tak ponn. I tak cakap begitu. So, if you are disgusted already by reading this post, as i do not look like a proper english student, you can click the x button. yeap nobody is stopping you. :D
So there you go. I shall go crazy on my blog and be looosen up! dan bukan loose seluar! ops! (okay tak lawak di situ)
So here we go! Let's welcome the freedom in me and the ranting life of Shaf!

p/s: this post has no relation to yg hidup or mati as I just feel like ranting at this ungodly hour. LOL!

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