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Monday, January 3, 2011

One two three

It's a new start ! :)
Happy new year again every one!
I started out my first day of new year with my family
one of the moments that is great than anything else.
Eventhough last year few losses in the family happened,
but I bet they who have passed, wouldn't want us to live in the past
with sadness and grief.
So we start new, alhamdullilah. We are better and smiling.
Still missing the ones who filled life before. We're moving.
Insya Allah. It will start good and throughout will also be good. Amin.
I am praying for a blessed new year.
The life I live
I wouldn't want to trade it with anything.
So here I am wishing everyone.
A blessed new year ahead! May all your resolution be fulfilled :)

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