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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of technology and spoiled people

Facebook, Smartphones, Ipad, Blackberry, Twitter.
Now tell me how often you log in or use these gadgets/technology? 
Don't give me once a day.
I can sense that you are lying. 
More than 3 times? yes.
Very much.

Thats how society nowadays are.
We are TOO dependent on technology. 
Unconsciously, it's replacing our traditional activities.
When I mean traditional activities, it's not that I am referring to congkak, batu seremban, sepak raga and etc.
I mean the natural way of communicating.
Talking instead of internet chatting, reading story books instead of facebook. Reading papers instead of reading online news.
Don't tell me you don't miss those?
Well if you don't shame on you.
You're being too dependent on technology. 
Let's say, one day, you will lose all these means of technology, now tell me, how will you react?
You will scream and scream and by all means lose sanity if you are TOO dependent. 
I stopped being the internet addict I am.
Yes. While I thought of this, I laugh to myself, how once, internet was my drug, I can never be apart from it.
How once, I am too dependent on internet, that till my friends complained how they feel distracted that everytime we meet up, I will request to go to a shop with wifi access, because I carry along my laptop everywhere, literally everywhere. 
That is how I am being too dependent and too addictive to internet/technology.
Till I realize lately, how I was missing on a lot of things. Life without internet is better and real.
Society should start realizing things they are missing out. 
and you know, unconsciously, it is replacing our daily lives activities and traditional ways of reaching out to people. 
Don't believe me? 
Okay, when some of the couples are getting married, how do they invite you nowadays?
Wedding card? No. Facebook. 
I know its easier, cheaper. 
But tell me. Whats special about that? You want everything simple, but no uniqueness? 
I NEVER said we should stop using technology or social networking.
No, just limit it and control it. 
Don't let it control us. Seriously, don't believe me? 
Go observe this yourself.
tell me what do you see, and please don't be bias.
I saw it myself, and thank god, I realize that now. 
I really do miss the times, we go to the library instead of 'google' things up.  

p/s: I wont be surprised if one day we have to stop use technology for some reasons, and everyone will start complain and lose their sanity. I got mine before I lose it. 

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