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Friday, January 14, 2011

it's just another heartache on the list

My heart has just got the epiphany.
The epiphany to the fact that it's closed and locked shut.
No gaps.
No holes.
No space.
Yikes. I know. But. I wont know till when.
but I am sure for now,
that it's that tightly shut out from the world.
So fair notice. I don't know how to like someone nor respond to it, even if they're hitting on me.
Sucky ey.
Fair much.
All I know is it's locked shut not because it wants to but have to.
So anyone who manage to save that heart.
That dude.
Is super amazing. I kid you not.
I have NEVER shut this door so close before till there is no gap.
So its the first time. and I wouldn't want a second one ever.

Whats the point?
Nothing. I just feel like ranting.
oh and my broadband is being a bitch. so does uia's internet.
bitchness as always.
So wait till after 17th, I will be back blogging! I MISS IT LIKE BAD!
so for now.
I leave you with this. 

' I don't want to know the lover at my door, it's just another heartache on my list '

p/s: feelings are messy. phooeeeyyy

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