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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Impossible is nothing ! Just Do It ! :)

Blood was pumping so fast to every part of my body.
Tension rising.
My body was shaking and I swear I don't know how long I can last.
That moment came. I went like:

"Damn shit, Reina, Nuer, Khan, Casillas, now I know how you guys feeel"

It's been a week that almost every night since last friday that I came down to the futsal pitch to train and to fight/
Yeap futsal.
the one sport that I left for 2 years and suddenly having to play it out of the sudden at the last minute came
as a surprise blessing to me.
How last minute it was? Very very last minute.
When I meant last minute, I am referring to the whole team. All 10 members of us were formed last minute on saturday last week and the match is gonna start on monday night. THAT is how last minute we are.
(Due to some registration problem said the PIC for futsal)
We were representing our hostel, Mahallah Ruqayyah, as this tournament is apart of IIUM Sports Carnival. So we were having a tournament against other 10 teams which represents the other female hostels. 
We thought we would be a bummer when the grouping matches start and that to us, if we win twice pon da kira cukup baik. to us since we have less training. BUT
what amaze me was this :

Group match results :

Ruqayyah 3 - 0 Asiah 

Ruqayyah 1 - 0 Hafsah

Ruqayyah 2 - 0 Maryam 

Quarter Finals

Ruqayyah  2 - 0 Haleemah

Semi Final 

Ruqayyah 2 -2 Salahuddin ( 3x penalty whereby Salahuddin won at the last penalty, with only one goal scored)

3rd Placing ( 5 penalty )

Ruqayyah and Hafsah (Hafsah won with 2 out of 5 penalty, and Ruqayyah with one )

Overall : We got 4th out of 11 teams that are playing. :D
I am wayyy beyond proud and happy for us !
Because we performed better than our expectations alhamdullilah.
Honestly if the 3rd placing was in a game instead of a penalty we can win.
but it's okay. Alhamdullilah, having the chance of playing in Semi Finals was more than enough!
We thought we couldn't even make through the grouping stages!
Alhamdullilah, my team was awesome, as they are filled with pumped up spirit, optimism and determination.
and we have this super power striker who literally played like Ronaldinho, who is an International student, Farha.
and furthermore, the team was awesome at fulfilling their duty as players and I was surprised that they said during the first training that they are not good at it, when it's the opposite! :)
Though we got fourth, you don't know how it felt to us,
because we made it through till semi finals with clean sheet!
Some would say that the goalkeeper is a good goalie.
But I would say, honestly and really, my team's defenders was great and that what made the results of clean sheet came true.
YEAP I was the goalkeeper throughout the whole tournament! :D
and bear in mind this is my first time being a goalkeeper.
FIRST TIME. and with this achievement, I am soooooooo grateful!
You would have no idea, how each of us playing for the first time with all this positions.
Alhamdullilah, Allah was by our side, he gave us faith.
So I would like to thank ALL OF YOU GUYS for your support to us throughout last week
and the people who had been so patient helping me with assignments and
all the rantings and spamming of twitter's timeline :P
and BIG thank you for the new experiences to my team, as they were so awesome!
So here i bid goodbye to University Sports Carnival 10' and can't wait for Sem 1 2011/2012 's NEXT sports carnival!
SO we will be prepared this time :D starting from now !
(adidas and nike's motto) :D

Special thanks from us and from me to them.

Kak Atiqah Alias - Striker 
Kak Baiti - Striker/Defender
Kak Ekin - Striker
Kak Ayu - Defender
Farha- Striker/Defender/Midfielder
Najwa - Defender
Shima - Striker
Kak Ain - Defender
Kak Farah - Striker
and Me - Goalkeeper

and to Bro Barakath for being our coach! :) and Farha for sharing such optimism and determination and managing the team bravo!

WE shall bring you the best game for next sem! HOORAH! :D
p/s: pictures will be up nanti :)

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