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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Give this song another listen.

I never count the moment when we get back together.
But I start to count days and moment when we delete everything. You asked me to delete our memories. Because you told me you can’t keep any cause its too hard.
I refuse.
I refuse to delete any memories.
Our memories is what I have left.
You can delete.
But I cant.
If only you know how much you meant to me. How you made me believe that there is someone who can love me like you do.
I blame myself. For now. But the past was ours.
Despite everything that people said.
I love you without a doubt.
I still remember
8 July 2006
How can I ever forget.
I remember yours, 22 Feb
How we would be so happy thinking we’re made for each other
Liverpool mates
How you would walk me back home even though you’re house was the other end of the world.
How you would spoon-fed me with your caring attitud and food too
so that I won’t be so thin in love and physically thin.
I always remember our walk.
People don’t know what I went through with you.
People said you’re a mistake.
Well You are my mistake
And my first love.
I will never delete you, even if you want to delete me.
Cause I miss you so and you will always stay here.
What we had was once real,
even if we're not meant to be
at least you are the first to start it, and made me believe.

p/s: You were my Plain White T's and I was your Delilah.

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