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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Because I have a voice!"

My friend was chatting with me on the IM, several times mentioning about The King's Speech.
I didn't bother to know what is that. Till she said it's a movie.
So because I was curious as to why she kept mentioning that movie (because knowing her, she hardly praise a movie unless, that movie is brilliant in it's form of plot, characters or script.) 
So when she is hyped about something, that means its a good deal/one heck of a brilliant matter there.

Then I realized.
The movie received 8.6/10 stars from IMDB website.
Reviewers gave great reviews.
Brilliant movie they say.
I read the synopsis at first. It made me nod whereby my nod describes the "very-powerful-movie nod"
Till I saw the trailer.
I was amazed, and understood instantly as to why my friend was all hyped about it.
As a person who loves history. (no kidding, yes I do love it. No sense of sarcasm at all)
The movie trailer gave me the spirit of enthusiasm to watch it in amazement.
I love the part where in the trailer,
Lionel Logue (Geoffry Rush) provoked King George VI (Colin Firth) by sitting on St Edward's chair and caused King George to be furious with Logue's actions and scolded Logue to move away and listen to what he said. Then the dialogue goes :

"Listen to me ! Listen to Me!" , King George VI
"and Why should I waste my time listening to you?", Lionel Logue
"Because I have a voice!", King George VI
"Yes you do", Lionel Logue

If you manage to see what I see. Touched by only this dialogue in the trailer.
Then you know what I meant.
Basically, what King George meant when he said 'because I have a voice' is to emphasize the fact that he can speak on his behalf, he can speak what he wants, and there is nothing that can stop him from voicing out his opinions, and that includes his stuttering problems.
This explanation is based on what i understand but you are free to interpret it on your understanding :)
Try to see the trailer for more impact.
This movie only have a plot of based on how King George try to overcome his stuttering issue when he is trying to give a speech to public.
Only because of his stuttering problem / voice of trying to reach out to people as a plot
can mean a lot to one who truly understand what the movie is trying to potray.
It's more or less has symbolism in it. 
Based on true story, this history is about a man who is willing to overcome his fear to fight for his nation.
Now I will not say more, go watch it on Feb 17th.
Brilliant I say Brilliant.
OH not forgetting, Helena Bonham Carter is in there! She always amaze me with her acting skills and so Colin Firth and Geoffry Rush!

p/s: this one of the moment that made me appreciate literature and history more and more each day

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