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Thursday, January 27, 2011

This shall be on my board

Dear Middlesex University,

I fell in love with you the moment I found out that you have my desired postgraduate course
Furthermore, there are two/three of them that I can choose from.
The unlikable part is that you are located in London,
which means, I can go broke the moment I reach there T_T
but I know, Insya Allah, when there's a will, there's a way.
I shall pray for a scholarship and get my arse there, hook or by crook.
You got on my top list university.
and yes your summer programme is supeeeeer sweet.
Let's pray that my parents let me go there IF i got the chance, or I just have to wait till postgrad years :P

A recent fan/future student dreaming and aiming to continue studies in Middlesex University

Dear Future,
Please don't go too hard on me
I need Middlesex Uni very bad for my future postgrad
Let's make things, not easier, but less difficult. :)

Me trying to work myself off very hard in undergrad.

P/s: This is my dream

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of technology and spoiled people

Facebook, Smartphones, Ipad, Blackberry, Twitter.
Now tell me how often you log in or use these gadgets/technology? 
Don't give me once a day.
I can sense that you are lying. 
More than 3 times? yes.
Very much.

Thats how society nowadays are.
We are TOO dependent on technology. 
Unconsciously, it's replacing our traditional activities.
When I mean traditional activities, it's not that I am referring to congkak, batu seremban, sepak raga and etc.
I mean the natural way of communicating.
Talking instead of internet chatting, reading story books instead of facebook. Reading papers instead of reading online news.
Don't tell me you don't miss those?
Well if you don't shame on you.
You're being too dependent on technology. 
Let's say, one day, you will lose all these means of technology, now tell me, how will you react?
You will scream and scream and by all means lose sanity if you are TOO dependent. 
I stopped being the internet addict I am.
Yes. While I thought of this, I laugh to myself, how once, internet was my drug, I can never be apart from it.
How once, I am too dependent on internet, that till my friends complained how they feel distracted that everytime we meet up, I will request to go to a shop with wifi access, because I carry along my laptop everywhere, literally everywhere. 
That is how I am being too dependent and too addictive to internet/technology.
Till I realize lately, how I was missing on a lot of things. Life without internet is better and real.
Society should start realizing things they are missing out. 
and you know, unconsciously, it is replacing our daily lives activities and traditional ways of reaching out to people. 
Don't believe me? 
Okay, when some of the couples are getting married, how do they invite you nowadays?
Wedding card? No. Facebook. 
I know its easier, cheaper. 
But tell me. Whats special about that? You want everything simple, but no uniqueness? 
I NEVER said we should stop using technology or social networking.
No, just limit it and control it. 
Don't let it control us. Seriously, don't believe me? 
Go observe this yourself.
tell me what do you see, and please don't be bias.
I saw it myself, and thank god, I realize that now. 
I really do miss the times, we go to the library instead of 'google' things up.  

p/s: I wont be surprised if one day we have to stop use technology for some reasons, and everyone will start complain and lose their sanity. I got mine before I lose it. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It takes small steps to run

No matter how strong you stand, sometimes you will slip a step
but that does not mean you stay down and never stand up,
stand, look and catch up to the pace you were taking
and in your heart always remember
you're strong 
you're strong. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Serendipity


 And I’m doing just fine 
I’m always landing on my feet
 In the nic of time
And by the skin of my teeth
I ain’t gonna stress
Cause the worst ain’t happened yet

Somethings watching over me
Like Sweet Serendipity
Sweet Serendipity

I don’t ask for a lot

No nothing more than I need
Because I love what I got
Don’t need to play the lottery
I just want to be strong
At the end of the road
I don’t want to hold on
I want the strength to let go
 -Lee Dwayze (Sweet Serendipity)-
Nothing more nothing less.
I am more than happy the way I am :)
Though I am still hoping for one sweet serendipity
I guess he is out there living life just the way I am
and maybe thinking when I'll came.
Have you ever have that thought before? :)
One day fate will call for us both
for now. 

I am doing just fine :) 
Something is watching over me
like sweet serendipity

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Because I have a voice!"

My friend was chatting with me on the IM, several times mentioning about The King's Speech.
I didn't bother to know what is that. Till she said it's a movie.
So because I was curious as to why she kept mentioning that movie (because knowing her, she hardly praise a movie unless, that movie is brilliant in it's form of plot, characters or script.) 
So when she is hyped about something, that means its a good deal/one heck of a brilliant matter there.

Then I realized.
The movie received 8.6/10 stars from IMDB website.
Reviewers gave great reviews.
Brilliant movie they say.
I read the synopsis at first. It made me nod whereby my nod describes the "very-powerful-movie nod"
Till I saw the trailer.
I was amazed, and understood instantly as to why my friend was all hyped about it.
As a person who loves history. (no kidding, yes I do love it. No sense of sarcasm at all)
The movie trailer gave me the spirit of enthusiasm to watch it in amazement.
I love the part where in the trailer,
Lionel Logue (Geoffry Rush) provoked King George VI (Colin Firth) by sitting on St Edward's chair and caused King George to be furious with Logue's actions and scolded Logue to move away and listen to what he said. Then the dialogue goes :

"Listen to me ! Listen to Me!" , King George VI
"and Why should I waste my time listening to you?", Lionel Logue
"Because I have a voice!", King George VI
"Yes you do", Lionel Logue

If you manage to see what I see. Touched by only this dialogue in the trailer.
Then you know what I meant.
Basically, what King George meant when he said 'because I have a voice' is to emphasize the fact that he can speak on his behalf, he can speak what he wants, and there is nothing that can stop him from voicing out his opinions, and that includes his stuttering problems.
This explanation is based on what i understand but you are free to interpret it on your understanding :)
Try to see the trailer for more impact.
This movie only have a plot of based on how King George try to overcome his stuttering issue when he is trying to give a speech to public.
Only because of his stuttering problem / voice of trying to reach out to people as a plot
can mean a lot to one who truly understand what the movie is trying to potray.
It's more or less has symbolism in it. 
Based on true story, this history is about a man who is willing to overcome his fear to fight for his nation.
Now I will not say more, go watch it on Feb 17th.
Brilliant I say Brilliant.
OH not forgetting, Helena Bonham Carter is in there! She always amaze me with her acting skills and so Colin Firth and Geoffry Rush!

p/s: this one of the moment that made me appreciate literature and history more and more each day

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Impossible is nothing ! Just Do It ! :)

Blood was pumping so fast to every part of my body.
Tension rising.
My body was shaking and I swear I don't know how long I can last.
That moment came. I went like:

"Damn shit, Reina, Nuer, Khan, Casillas, now I know how you guys feeel"

It's been a week that almost every night since last friday that I came down to the futsal pitch to train and to fight/
Yeap futsal.
the one sport that I left for 2 years and suddenly having to play it out of the sudden at the last minute came
as a surprise blessing to me.
How last minute it was? Very very last minute.
When I meant last minute, I am referring to the whole team. All 10 members of us were formed last minute on saturday last week and the match is gonna start on monday night. THAT is how last minute we are.
(Due to some registration problem said the PIC for futsal)
We were representing our hostel, Mahallah Ruqayyah, as this tournament is apart of IIUM Sports Carnival. So we were having a tournament against other 10 teams which represents the other female hostels. 
We thought we would be a bummer when the grouping matches start and that to us, if we win twice pon da kira cukup baik. to us since we have less training. BUT
what amaze me was this :

Group match results :

Ruqayyah 3 - 0 Asiah 

Ruqayyah 1 - 0 Hafsah

Ruqayyah 2 - 0 Maryam 

Quarter Finals

Ruqayyah  2 - 0 Haleemah

Semi Final 

Ruqayyah 2 -2 Salahuddin ( 3x penalty whereby Salahuddin won at the last penalty, with only one goal scored)

3rd Placing ( 5 penalty )

Ruqayyah and Hafsah (Hafsah won with 2 out of 5 penalty, and Ruqayyah with one )

Overall : We got 4th out of 11 teams that are playing. :D
I am wayyy beyond proud and happy for us !
Because we performed better than our expectations alhamdullilah.
Honestly if the 3rd placing was in a game instead of a penalty we can win.
but it's okay. Alhamdullilah, having the chance of playing in Semi Finals was more than enough!
We thought we couldn't even make through the grouping stages!
Alhamdullilah, my team was awesome, as they are filled with pumped up spirit, optimism and determination.
and we have this super power striker who literally played like Ronaldinho, who is an International student, Farha.
and furthermore, the team was awesome at fulfilling their duty as players and I was surprised that they said during the first training that they are not good at it, when it's the opposite! :)
Though we got fourth, you don't know how it felt to us,
because we made it through till semi finals with clean sheet!
Some would say that the goalkeeper is a good goalie.
But I would say, honestly and really, my team's defenders was great and that what made the results of clean sheet came true.
YEAP I was the goalkeeper throughout the whole tournament! :D
and bear in mind this is my first time being a goalkeeper.
FIRST TIME. and with this achievement, I am soooooooo grateful!
You would have no idea, how each of us playing for the first time with all this positions.
Alhamdullilah, Allah was by our side, he gave us faith.
So I would like to thank ALL OF YOU GUYS for your support to us throughout last week
and the people who had been so patient helping me with assignments and
all the rantings and spamming of twitter's timeline :P
and BIG thank you for the new experiences to my team, as they were so awesome!
So here i bid goodbye to University Sports Carnival 10' and can't wait for Sem 1 2011/2012 's NEXT sports carnival!
SO we will be prepared this time :D starting from now !
(adidas and nike's motto) :D

Special thanks from us and from me to them.

Kak Atiqah Alias - Striker 
Kak Baiti - Striker/Defender
Kak Ekin - Striker
Kak Ayu - Defender
Farha- Striker/Defender/Midfielder
Najwa - Defender
Shima - Striker
Kak Ain - Defender
Kak Farah - Striker
and Me - Goalkeeper

and to Bro Barakath for being our coach! :) and Farha for sharing such optimism and determination and managing the team bravo!

WE shall bring you the best game for next sem! HOORAH! :D
p/s: pictures will be up nanti :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

it's just another heartache on the list

My heart has just got the epiphany.
The epiphany to the fact that it's closed and locked shut.
No gaps.
No holes.
No space.
Yikes. I know. But. I wont know till when.
but I am sure for now,
that it's that tightly shut out from the world.
So fair notice. I don't know how to like someone nor respond to it, even if they're hitting on me.
Sucky ey.
Fair much.
All I know is it's locked shut not because it wants to but have to.
So anyone who manage to save that heart.
That dude.
Is super amazing. I kid you not.
I have NEVER shut this door so close before till there is no gap.
So its the first time. and I wouldn't want a second one ever.

Whats the point?
Nothing. I just feel like ranting.
oh and my broadband is being a bitch. so does uia's internet.
bitchness as always.
So wait till after 17th, I will be back blogging! I MISS IT LIKE BAD!
so for now.
I leave you with this. 

' I don't want to know the lover at my door, it's just another heartache on my list '

p/s: feelings are messy. phooeeeyyy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Give this song another listen.

I never count the moment when we get back together.
But I start to count days and moment when we delete everything. You asked me to delete our memories. Because you told me you can’t keep any cause its too hard.
I refuse.
I refuse to delete any memories.
Our memories is what I have left.
You can delete.
But I cant.
If only you know how much you meant to me. How you made me believe that there is someone who can love me like you do.
I blame myself. For now. But the past was ours.
Despite everything that people said.
I love you without a doubt.
I still remember
8 July 2006
How can I ever forget.
I remember yours, 22 Feb
How we would be so happy thinking we’re made for each other
Liverpool mates
How you would walk me back home even though you’re house was the other end of the world.
How you would spoon-fed me with your caring attitud and food too
so that I won’t be so thin in love and physically thin.
I always remember our walk.
People don’t know what I went through with you.
People said you’re a mistake.
Well You are my mistake
And my first love.
I will never delete you, even if you want to delete me.
Cause I miss you so and you will always stay here.
What we had was once real,
even if we're not meant to be
at least you are the first to start it, and made me believe.

p/s: You were my Plain White T's and I was your Delilah.

Monday, January 3, 2011

One two three

It's a new start ! :)
Happy new year again every one!
I started out my first day of new year with my family
one of the moments that is great than anything else.
Eventhough last year few losses in the family happened,
but I bet they who have passed, wouldn't want us to live in the past
with sadness and grief.
So we start new, alhamdullilah. We are better and smiling.
Still missing the ones who filled life before. We're moving.
Insya Allah. It will start good and throughout will also be good. Amin.
I am praying for a blessed new year.
The life I live
I wouldn't want to trade it with anything.
So here I am wishing everyone.
A blessed new year ahead! May all your resolution be fulfilled :)