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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Year II

I just ended my class for my first week as a second year.
You know time pass by so fast !
I am in my second year already.
Funny thing is it felt like just few months back I just started my first year.
Anyway this sem less hectic.
but the subjects are not really easy subjects so here is what I am taking this sem.

a) Intro to Sociolinguistics
b) Literary Genres III: Novels and Short Story
c) Islamic Aqidah
d) Islamic Ethics
e) Intro to History and Civilizations
f) Arabic Language III

YEAPP. no easy subjects. and next sem it will be HARDER. as I will be taking my minoring subjects in the same time juggling with my majoring subjects. ISH.
but nothing comes easy.
So I have to double the effort. Work harder. and make a timetable so that I will sleep enough yet finish everything on time.
No more just talking but I need to do it too.
I tend to procrastinate though. Heh
So happy weekend to come to you guys! :)

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