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Friday, December 31, 2010

We are young, We run free!

Being a very cynic person and a pessimist
All this while, I would greet past years as something like

" 2008 is a boo hoo year! go away! I wanna welcome 2009"
or something like
"oh this year it's a good year, next year bad year"
yes. I was that childish. -.-
but then as I grow up.
I learned that all the "bad year" things, aren't so bad at all.
and there is no such thing as, a label of bad and good year.
There are pain, sorrows, happiness and cheerful moments for us
But accept things with open heart.
when you start to see past through the bad moments and found the good moments after it
See ain't that bad after all.
without the bad moments, we wont be stronger as each year passed by.
I stop being that kind of person because I see the positive side to it.
Insya Allah. I will start being optimistic next year, though I can't be always optimistic
was grown up as a pessimist so it's a bit hard :P
Seeeeeee growing up isn't as bad as it is
so happy new year to everyone!
celebrate it safely and hey
start the new year with a smile and with God's will, we will have a more wonderful year ahead with new experiences. amin and huurah! :)

p/s: Every thing means something :)

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anisawrus said...

hahahah! reading this post really got me! aduyai btol jugak kan.