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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lit is cool

A very strong word by itself, because without it;
there would be no Harry Potter, no Twilight, no Shopaholic, no Angels and Demons and not even Oliver Twist.
Its not merely words. But its art. 
The art does not exists only on words depict by the author, but they give you the inspiration and you use your imagination to put yourself, to each of the character's journey.
It's a pity that society these days prefer to watch movies rather than reading it (referring to the books made into movies), when before internet existed, books was our fetish.
To me, being apart of literature, is amazing. 
They say we're boring, cause we keep on reading.
Why read, they ask. When there are movies?
Why imagine it? they questioned When you can see it for yourself without going through the hard work of thinking. 
Guess what. We're not. 
The ones who said that, are the boring ones. 
We use our imagination to run wild and go to a journey where only our mind can reach.
We fly with the words. 
Why see what other people see when we can use our imaginations that may go further.
Some say literature, or story books, only tell us a story, just a story. 
Well it isn't, there is a story beneath a story. 
So really, appreciating literature is when you can see the abstract of the story, not only by reading it but also understanding it.
In the past years, when the govt held the reading campaigns, I never knew whats the purpose of that, and thought it was unnecessary, till I realized that now, reading IS important.
Well, didn't Allah command us all to read? :) so why stop now?

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