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Monday, December 13, 2010

i miss home

When you're further away from the things you love.
You start feeling awkward.
You start feeling sick.
You start having those moments when you just want to cry.
You're used to having those usual things around
when you have to be apart from it.
it sucks the hell out of everything
but you get used to it in time
But it sucks when u have to cry to get used to it.
I am starting my new semester tomorrow
classes will be pack from morning till 3.30pm.
so okay.
i just feel like sleeping
i miss my mom n dad.
my brothers.
my friends. and suck to say
the renovation next door. even though the loud noises in the morning. I know at least I'm at home
okay i gotta go.
nite readers :) have fun.

p/s: am having a sickness called homesick

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