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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here comes goodbye...

I miss her.
I miss her so much.
That, it's not that i refuse to believe she is not here anymore.
But its too hard to believe.
I wish she stays
I wish she stay a lil bit longer
but when its time to go
she goes.
God knows the best
She suffered long enough
She needs to rest in peace.

I miss the way I make her smile
I miss the way she laughs
I miss the way she would laugh at the lame jokes I made for her
I miss the way she was happy whenever I try to convince her that I am now her driver
even though it was for a while
I know she was happy that I managed to drive her around.
I miss her weird smile with that missing tooth of hers flashing smiles to me
I miss trying to hold her cheek and ask her to get better
and the most is i miss holding her hand when she needs company.

I miss doing that. I miss it all
I may not say it nor show it
because I was torn inside.
It was too hard to believe
I can accept but believing it was her.
It was hard.

but I had to think positive.
She's in a better place now.
Much much better place.
No more in pain. no more suffering.
I was thankful enough that I spent all the last moments with her, and told her how much I love her.
Now she is at rest and finally met my late grandpa somewhere there.
Now I know they are looking to me from afar and I can whisper to them that I miss them so much.
I always remember my 15 years memory with both of you.
Thank you for making me feel the most happiest and luckiest granddaughter of all
I am thankful to Allah for having great grandparents like you two.

"here comes the pain, here comes me wishing things had never change, she was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye"

Zabedah Bt Mahmud
17 April 1931 - 24 December 2010
A loving mother, loving grandmother and a loving person :')
Semoga Allah merahmati rohnya dan di tempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Amin

p/s: always treasure the people you love. you'll never know when goodbye comes

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