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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bam shot

I was watching America Next Top Model Cycle 14.
I stumbled upon it because there was no good show.
and I can't help but to notice how awesome Ms Bank's superb face structure.
It kept me thinking like will I ever be that thin?
Which is IMPOSSIBLE for me.
I will look like anorexic for sure but gad dem.
I can't help but to be awh most of the time.
I went like BAM BAM BAM!
then i went like.
MAN when can i be thin like that?
which is never?
I don't wanna be that thin. cause it will let my parents to think that I starve myself.
I don't want to be a model. But i just love that face structure cause she looks strong yet sexayh.
Dem son. aku nak kurus cmtu.

p/s: Dalam mimpi.

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